video marketing basics – the truth about some common myths

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Best Practices, Content Creation, Video

Once a standout piece of content that only a few businesses could afford, video marketing has become more accessible to everyone. Given the rapid influx of video content in marketing strategies, engagement with the consumer has transformed completely. It has now become an essential part of content marketing and is a presence that continues to grow even more rapidly in the digital ecosystem.

With this popularity came several myths revolving around the production and creation of videos. Although the results of video marketing are quite evident, many are still afraid to invest in it due to the misconceptions about this marketing strategy! By clearing out these myths and working with a reputable video production agency, you can push forward to create highly engaging content for your consumers.

To settle the truth on these misconceptions, here are some myths that you absolutely must stop believing:

Myth 1: Video Content Creation Takes Forever

The most common misconception is that video marketing isn’t worth it because of how much time animations, graphics, and text takes to integrate into some beautifully shot footage. Quite the opposite is true, especially with the advances in camera technology on mobile phones, making video production simpler and easier than ever before! Video editing software has also come a long way and can now edit video content with additional effects, graphics, and animations in a short amount of time.

The business owner’s main responsibility is to communicate a clear vision of the product or service to be featured. Branding must also be easy to identify in good video marketing—which a professional can help you out with.

Myth 2: Video Is Expensive

Many businesses are hesitant to go the video route because they believe that video production services are very expensive.

That may have been the case in the past—but video making capabilities have become more advanced and more affordable today. Video marketing services are meant to make video production more cost-effective for your business without sacrificing quality, not the other way around!

Videos marketing can also take advantage of repurposing and recycling video content, whether that’s introductions for a series on your YouTube channel or stock footage you’ve used in the past. This method can help produce videos even more quickly. Plus, you won’t have to worry about creating too much long-form video content since most audiences prefer short and easily digestible videos.

Myth 3: Video Content ROI Cannot Be Measured

Just like video technology, marketing has also advanced significantly over time, especially in just the last few years. Consumer engagement with video content can easily be tracked to provide useful insights into the effectiveness of video marketing campaigns. This will help you measure your ROI simply by checking if what you’re making in revenue surpasses the investment you put into producing the video content.

Measuring user engagement and ROI is thanks to video analytics, enabling you to track clicks, views, conversion ratios, and even attention spans of your audience on every video. This is valuable data you can use to make your content better!

Myth 4: Video Is Hardly Used—So There Is No Point

This couldn’t be further from the truth—and even a cursory sweep over any website, social media channel, or video hosting platform will tell you that video is practically everywhere. In fact, YouTube remains to be a hustling and bustling hub for video content creators!

With the right marketing technique, you can get more views on your videos, a skill that only the best video marketing companies can make possible. The key to succeeding with video content is to create something that viewers want to see and then promote it.

Social media also plays a big role in your marketing efforts for video. Going beyond YouTube and exploring video content on Instagram and Facebook will allow you to promote your brand to a more engaged audience and kick up your lead generation strategy.


Getting your content to stand out by prioritizing video will help you maintain an active digital presence. In fact, in 2019, video comprised 80% of all internet traffic. This staggering statistic reveals how video has become the main source of content for internet users—and it highlights the necessity of making your brand’s video content stand out. Working with the right branding agency on everything digital about your business, including your video content, can ensure that your business continues to stay relevant and engaging to your customers.

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