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by | Jul 13, 2020 | Best Practices, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Website Maintenance

As competitors scramble to ensure top-ranking spots on search engines, the key to staying ahead and maximizing your ROI is to undergo regular website maintenance and servicing. Much like a vehicle, its design and functionality need to remain in tip-top shape, otherwise, it’ll lag or worse—break down entirely. Though website maintenance will usually suffice as a self-service job, working with a web development agency can save you a lot of time and effort. Here are the maintenance tasks you can expect a diligent service company to provide.

Updating Your Website Software

For content management systems such as WordPress, you’ll likely have the advantage of automatic updates. However, incorporating a script such as PHP or working with a web host will involve having to manually update systems or ensuring that your host is updating their core server on a regular basis. If running on your own web server, an outsourced web maintenance service can perform this task for you.

Improving Your Website Speed

Nobody likes to surf a slow-loading website. In fact, you more often than not only have a little under three seconds to make a good impression on new visitors! If you’ve recently incorporated a new, nifty function into your website or impressive design, it won’t matter if your page doesn’t load as quickly as your visitors expect it to.

Similarly, a slow-loading website can affect your search engine rankings, pushing it further down until your overall visibility suffers. To ensure that your page is loading as quickly as it should, perform regular speed tests.

Fixing Any HTML Errors

Website coding isn’t rocket science, but it may look like total jargon to the average internet user. If you, as a business owner, aren’t well-versed in the likes of code, don’t worry! Your service provider can take care of that for you and ensure that no minor errors cause nuisances such as pages that don’t load, missing multimedia, or glitches.

Backing Up Important Files

Just a few hours of website downtime can cost your business a hefty price tag—imagine losing all the data you had up in the first place! A website maintenance firm can ensure that your files are automatically backed up on a regular basis.

Developing New Content

The content you publish is entirely your decision but if a web designer can provide input as to what type of content works and doesn’t, you can better create valuable blogs and videos that convert.

Improving Search Engine Performance

As previously mentioned, how well your website is designed and how seamlessly it functions can affect the way it ranks on search engines. If you’re publishing a blog, you need to be including popular and competitive keywords. This principle also applies to landing pages and product descriptions.

One important thing to note when adjusting pages for SEO compatibility is not to forget to update your About Me and FAQ sections! Incorporating trending keywords here will also help your website rank.


As simple as they might appear, most of these maintenance tasks can be awfully time-consuming if you perform them yourself. With a web designer, you can trust in the expertise of someone who has most likely already experienced the problems you’re currently facing.

At 141 Creative, we take our web design service to an all-new level by taking the time to fully understand your business and deploy a visual representation of your brand as a whole. Ready to stand out? Contact us today!

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