5 video marketing styles for you to try for your next youtube campaign

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Digital Marketing, Video

In the world of social media, you need interesting and eye-catching visual content to get yourself noticed. Even language is dominated or accented with emojis or icons and are sometimes more effective at communicating than plain text. Many brands are turning to visual media to connect with their audiences and to stay relevant.

On the internet, people’s attention spans are so short users will quickly swipe past blocks of text because they would rather spend several minutes watching a video rather than reading. Video campaigns are increasingly popular because they offer the viewers a more dynamic and entertaining journey. Videos are the next best thing to experiencing your products live or in-person.

Your video production agency can help you produce material to release online. Video campaigns are immersive, explanatory, and experiential. They are more than a typical 30-second commercial you used to see on TV. They allow potential customers to see other people trying and using your products. You might use influencers or industry experts who can lend to the credibility of your brand. Lastly, they can draw customers in with a creative call-to-action like a promotional code for a discount, or an announcement of an event. 

If you want to promote your brand, YouTube is a popular place for distributing video content. Here are five types of video that you can use for your next campaign on this platform:

  1. Video blogs

There are many independent bloggers on YouTube who produce content about different topics like health and beauty, lifestyle, travel, or hobbies. These video-bloggers, or vloggers, as they are called have amassed substantial numbers of followers in recent years, some in the millions. Depending on your brand’s position and target audience, you can reach a lot of potential customers by working with one of these personalities to try out or product, test your service, or visit your establishment and have them document the experience.

  1. Tutorials

How-to videos are incredibly popular on YouTube, with many people turning to the platform to learn how to cook, how to repair broken household items, or how to start a hobby. Tutorials are detail step-by-step processes that inform potential customers about how to use your product and they can experience its optimal effects.

  1. Teasers and big reveals

Another popular although albeit controversial video style is to do a “reveal.” Reveals are great for established followers or if you have a loyal customer base. This also works if you produce teasers or trailers to precede the main reveal event. Teasers draw in viewers to something they want to know more about or are interested in. Reveal videos can stir up a bit of controversy if people feel disappointed with what is unveiled. Done correctly, the reveal can launch a new product line, an improved version of your previous one, or a new service you are offering.

  1. Product reviews

Many users also visit YouTube looking for honest feedback on a product or service they are considering. If you feel confident in your product, you can offer it to influencers or content creators to try. Reviews are also a good way to gauge the response of your market. If your reviewer has millions of followers, it can spell success for your brand if they give it their seal of approval.

  1. Top 10 Lists

When producing video content, you have to think about what your market will find entertaining. They usually don’t want to watch videos that are too sales-y or focus too much on a single product, unless they are already seriously considering it. If you want to cast your net wide and get attention, try creating listicles. Listicles are a compilation of products, services, ideas, restaurants, travel destinations–anything related to your brand, without overtly pushing it. The challenge for your video production company is to create entertaining listicles while subtly incorporating your brand without being too in-your-face about it.

The challenge of producing high-quality video content is not about high-resolution visuals, but you also need to have an engaging script, charming personalities to communicate your message, and a creative hook. The creative hook is something new and sometimes shocking element of your video that will get people talking about your products. If you can find all of these elements, you can produce video marketing content that will resonate with your customers.

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