5 things to look out for when optimizing a website for conversions

by | Aug 27, 2020 | Best Practices, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Website Maintenance

5 Things to Look Out for When Optimizing a Website for Conversions

Businesses tend to focus on driving traffic to a website to generate conversions. Besides using the proper techniques for getting people interested in clicking to your site, you must ensure that they stay there and engage with the content. Here are some reasons why your website might not be getting the types of interactions you want.

You don’t improve on your Google ranking

Improving your search rankings will help your site become more prominent for your chosen keywords. It involves delivering quality content and considering factors like inbound links, site speed, updates, and more. 

The website’s mobile version and usability are also vital in increasing your ranking. Regular analysis, including bounce rates, speed tests, and content audits, determine how much of your content you should modify. Ask a company that provides an SEO service to study your website and advise you regarding how you can optimize your content.

You have no landing pages for PPCs or backlinks

PPC traffic should not directly go to your homepage. If a user searches a product or discovers you through an ad, don’t make them navigate your entire website to find what they need.

Instead, send visitors to a relevant landing page that features what the ad says, and gear your copy for conversions. If you have an inquiry form on the landing page or linked to it, improve on that as well. For instance, trim down your form to ensure conversions. Forms that convert well often have only four to five fields and ask the essential information. 

Your website does not build trust

Case studies, reviews, and sample work can encourage people to convert, so it is good to include these on your website. You can also build trust through content. 

If you have an informative blog that helps people through in-depth or how-to articles, you can position yourself as an expert in the field. To start with this, you can consult a branding service and develop a content plan for your blog and social media platforms.

You do not reach out to cold leads

Users in the ‘research phase’ are still looking through several options. They have not committed to a brand, so the best way to build awareness in this group is by consistently reminding them that you are a good choice. Running remarketing campaigns through display ads or social media should help you sustain their interest.

If a person has visited your website once, it means they were at least interested in what you had to say. Get them to sign up for a newsletter, or provide them with valuable free content that asks them to provide their e-mail address. Then, you can regularly send them high-value content, which should bring them through your sales funnel.

You did not think carefully about UX

UX or user experience ensures that your website is easy to navigate. A business with a user-friendly, interactive website will have lower bounce rates. To start evaluating your UX, install software that generates heat maps of your website. Doing this will allow you to measure which areas people frequent or find interesting.

Thinking of your UX design also lets you ‘clean up’ your website structure. Besides telling you which pages people love visiting, Google Analytics enables you to measure bounce and exit rates, track video views on your website, and so much more.


Your website is the best digital asset you have. Even if your social media profiles are active, a strong website with a substantial e-mail list is still one of the best marketing platforms you could get. Make your website more appealing by focusing on these five points for improvement.

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