3 things you can do to make your website more accessible – our guide

by | May 25, 2020 | Best Practices, Web Design

By now, you have likely read plenty of articles on website design trends for the year 2020. For that reason, rather than talking about mobile responsiveness or user experience, we’re going to talk about accessibility.

When we talk about website accessibility, we talk about how easy it is to use your website. For example, does your site cater to those with visual impairments? If not, then your website will not be accessible to them. To be more inclusive and reach a wider audience, here is what you can do to ensure your website is accessible to most people:

1. For the hearing impaired

If your website has sound integrated into it in any way, such as videos or music, those with hearing impairments will not have an easy time understanding that.

To address this problem and make your website accessible to the hearing-impaired, you can ensure that subtitles are included in each video. Just make sure that these subtitles are accurate. Also, if there are any sound queues, always accompany them with visual cues. That way, whether the person cannot hear because of hearing impairments or because their speakers or headset isn’t being used, they will still be notified.

2. For the visually impaired

How do you cater your website to people who are dealing with visual impairments, such as poor eyesight and blindness? There are a few ways. For example, your content should have text that is easily resizable, meaning that a user can enlarge it to see it clearer. Other content, such as images and videos, should also be expandable to allow for a more detailed look.

Other than expanding your content to make them larger and easier to read, there are other things you can do to make them more accessible to the visually impaired. For example, instead of highlighting text, you can underline them, allowing those with problems like color blindness to differentiate a linked text from a normal one.

3. For the mobility impaired

Mobile impairments can be a hassle for those dealing with it and trying to surf the internet. For example, their hands might be extremely slow to respond, or their hands might be too shaky to click a button.

To ensure that your website is accessible to those with such an impairment, your main solution would be to provide large, clickable buttons that are closer together. Another great solution would be to incorporate keyboard shortcuts for navigating the website, rather than limiting the user to just a cursor. This allows the individual with even the most limited movements to still navigate with arrow buttons and the like.


These are the three types of impairments that you can keep in mind when designing your website. By applying the right solutions to solve each problem, you ensure that anyone, regardless of disability, can fully utilize your website.

That said, the biggest reason you should be doing this is not because you want to increase your customer base, but also because you want to build your reputation as a business that cares for each and every one of its customers. By showing that you have made the lives of those with impairments much easier, you enjoy a reputation as a caring company that customers can trust.

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