3 common video marketing mistakes to avoid

by | May 19, 2021 | Best Practices, Branding, Digital Marketing, Video

Video continues to dominate the landscape as it’s a visually engaging format that can drive the most results in your marketing, making it a powerful tool that can give your campaigns a competitive edge. With it being easy to share, entertaining to watch, and packing the most impact, it’s no wonder why video killed the radio store.

There’s no doubt that video marketing can reel in plenty of views, but there are certain errors that can still make the video campaign a missed opportunity. These common video-making pitfalls can slow your roll, cut your viewers’ interests short, and ultimately turn your efforts into a flop, so you can set yourself up for success next time by avoiding these common mistakes:

Mistake #1: Losing Interest Due to Long Run Times

People only show interest for a few seconds before bouncing off to the next thing that catches their attention; that’s why marketers know their content should always be short yet sweet. You only have 10 seconds to spark your watcher’s interest, so every moment should move the narrative forward to get your message across.

A video that runs for too long, however, can end up boring your target audience. While shorter isn’t always better, it’s wise to produce quick videos first before releasing longer formats for special occasions or if you have an established audience.

Mistake #2: Focusing on the Sales Aspect Instead of Story-Telling

People have grown desensitized to advertisements in today’s internet-oriented world; that’s why most would ignore, skip, or block ads that are too sales-y. Video marketing is all about sharing a narrative, one that puts your brand in a meaningful position so your audience can better understand what you offer.

While you also need to promote your products or services, it has to be done in a way that tells a story. At the very least, videos should always have something emotionally compelling to say.

Mistake #3: Going Overboard with Production Values

Many businesses took the mistake of shelling out too little for production, resulting in a low-quality, amateurish result that can hurt your reputation. Nowadays, professionals are doing the opposite by spending too much to make a Hollywood-worthy video. The key is to dedicate the right amount to cover your needs. After all, good stories don’t always have to be a blockbuster film.

The Bottom Line: Don’t Let These Rookie Blunders Ruin Your Video Marketing’s Impact

Video marketing is an effective way to garner engagement, convert your audience, and help hit your sales goals. But you’ll be lowering its impact and push it out of momentum if you continue to post videos riddled with errors since it can cost your market’s interest.

Fortunately, the list above explores some of the common mistakes businesses make when producing video content so you can stay on the path that leads to more views, followers, and positive returns.

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