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the 3 components of every great website, explained

by | Apr 15, 2021 | Best Practices, Branding, Digital Marketing, Web Design

Regardless of what your business is, where you’ve decided to set up shop, or how big your firm may be, it will never be exempt from this widespread truth: your business needs a great website.

As the world grows even more digital and consumers are becoming reliant on the Internet to do their daily tasks and satisfy their curiosities, it’s clear that there’s no better time to have a website than today. In fact, the growing presence of the digital age has gotten to the point where having an online page is a necessity because doing the opposite can put any company at risk of failure.

Now that most of your digital marketing efforts are likely concentrated on building your business’s online presence, it’s important to understand that it pays to have the right motivation when piecing a website together. In the end, what matters is that you create a great website that works towards the goal of being well-rounded, one which is defined by the following factors:

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Superior customer experience
  • Increased traffic toward conversions with the right offers
  • Valuable content that’s consistently updated according to growing SEO standards

What you need to work with when crafting your website

Considering that successful brands without an amazing and effective website are quite a rarity today, it’s best to assume that your business will need to follow suit and come up with a great website of its own. With all this talk about well-built websites and their value in the modern business landscape, you might be wondering about what it takes to craft a well-built page.

Well, while opinions may differ slightly from expert to expert, there are a few essential components that are must-haves:

Component #1: Great branding

It may not seem so interconnected right now, but great branding is a critical part of your website because it serves as the foundation for effectiveness and consistency.

You see, branding is vital for crafting a great website because it allows the overall product to make sense and helps satisfy that “recognition” factor that makes great websites. Through a well-built brand book, you’ll get to answer many questions during the website development process with ease, such as:

  • “What type of colors should we use?”
  • “What should the overall feel of the website be like?”
  • “What kind of tonality should our website copy have?”
  • “What pages do we need to set up?”
  • “What should our website contain so that every visitor that comes will remember us?”

Component #2: Top-notch web development

If you want your website to work as well as it should and be capable of ticking every item in the checklist of factors that it needs to thrive, then you’ll need the necessary development skills to bring everything together. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about missing out on having a great website if you don’t have the necessary skills because there are many experts that you can hire to bring your vision to life!

Component #3: Effective and attractive web design

When it comes to understanding just how impactful this factor is, it’s important to look at the fact that it is the main connection point between you and every potential conversion opportunity you come across. Once you invest in top-quality website design services—such as those offered by 141 Creative’s—you’ll be able to give your website the face it deserves to satisfy and engage every visitor for more conversions!


While there are many different factors that will significantly contribute to your business’s success and its digital marketing endeavors, nothing can get you better results than a great and well-built website. With the three key components mentioned above and the right considerations, you’ll be able to create the best possible output for your online presence in no time!

If you’re looking for a web development company in Worcester to make you that website you deserve, contact us at 141 Creative. We can give your website a fresh yet professional look that draws in leads and customers!

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