reasons why web design is crucial in customer experience

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Best Practices, Branding, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design

People are digitally inclined today, and they now look for products and services online. So, as a business owner, it is recommended for you to have a business website. However, most businesses already own one, and not all customers will choose your website even if you have the products and services they are looking for. That will most likely happen if they are not satisfied with the experience they had on your site.

So, to make users choose your website, you should give them an excellent user experience. One of the ways you can do that is by optimizing your website design. Read on so you can also learn how you can improve your website:

1. The Appearance of Your Website Will Create the First Impression

Website design is crucial in customer experience because that’s the first thing the visitors will see when they land on your website. Once you give them a poor design, they will automatically think that you will also give them poor service. If they see your website that way, there’s a higher chance that they will exit your page, and you will lose a potential customer.

So, to avoid this from happening, make your website design responsive and ensure that it looks good across any device. You should also ensure you have easy-to-read fonts on your site and include eye-catching images. Explore other multimedia inclusions in your website to make it less boring and text-heavy.

2. Your Website Design Says a Lot about Professionalism

As mentioned, your website design will give visitors the first impression. Giving them a professional-looking website may also show how professional your business is. More than that, your business will look reputable, and visitors will trust you quickly, making them turn into customers. To achieve that professionalism, try to include elements like a culture page, staff photos, and customer results or great feedback on your site.

3. Your Website Design Can Help Visitors Find What They Are Looking for Quickly

Customers don’t want complicated things, and they want to find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. With a well-crafted website design, you can improve their experience because you’ll be able to provide them with easy navigation tools. If your website is easy to navigate, they can find everything they need quickly and easily, making them choose your website repeatedly. You can achieve an easy-to-navigate website by incorporating drop-down menus and links.

4. Web Design Can Make Your Site Rank Higher in Google

One of the reasons users visit a site is because it’s the first one they see on their search results. If you want to rank high in Google, you should improve your web design by having a quick load time. You can do this by optimizing your image size and removing auto-play.


To sum it up, web design is crucial in customer experience because it will affect how they view and trust your business. It will also affect their decision to choose your website among other brands, or if they will be paying customers down the line. If your website has an excellent design, it can also be on the top search results, garnering more traffic and more possible conversions and sales.

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