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producing industry videos – what you need to know

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Best Practices, Digital Marketing, Video

There are many ways you can educate your audience about what you do as a business. It can come in multiple forms, whether you’re holding events and telling the audience, uploading written content to your website, or uploading informative graphics to social media.

Either way, helping your audience understand your business is essential for many reasons, such as highlighting your business’ purpose and your goals. That being said, if you are looking for an effective method to convey such information, consider creating industry videos.

Are you unsure what it takes to create such kinds of marketing content? This article will tell you all about industry videos—what it is and how you can properly implement it for your business.

Industry Videos

An industry video’s purpose is to teach your audience different things that are related to your industry; it does not just focus on customer problems! Instead, it shares general information about your business that can prove useful to your audience. For example, with an industry video, you can simplify a complicated process, reveal the truth behind common misconceptions, or answer frequently asked questions about your business.

Put simply, an industry video addresses all the topics that are related to you and your business. It acts as a great way to get the audience to be more knowledgeable about your industry, paving a way to introduce your brand later.

Properly implementing industry videos

There are always good and bad videos, and logically, you would want to make sure you are producing great industry videos. After all, not only is a good video interesting enough to watch, but it can leave your industry and business in a good light for your audience.

That said, how can you produce good industry videos? Simple: by making them informative, concise, relevant, and engaging.

By making them informative, your audience will leave knowing more than before they have seen the video. By making them concise, your audience can quickly get the information without any time wasted. By making them relevant, you ensure that new topics can quickly be shared with the audience—not only to get them in the know but also to build your industry’s reputation. Finally, by making them engaging, you ensure your audience won’t click off halfway because they got bored!


By ensuring all these factors are at play, your industry videos will become highly effective at sharing useful information with your audience. Do not forget to share your videos on multiple platforms, too! For example, you can share them on your blog if you have one. If you do not, then other platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and other social channels, are a great way to reach the vast majority of your audience. Finally, you can also consider newsletters, industry websites, and even paid to advertise to reach out to your audience. That way, your videos become much more easily accessible, sharing that information as far and wide as possible.

If you are having trouble with any of the video production processes, do not be afraid to work with a digital agency! They know how to produce great videos to shed great light on your industry, not only generating interest for what you do, but for your brand too.

141 Creative is a digital agency that offers various services, ranging from branding to graphic design, and even to video marketing. If you are looking for a video production agency in Massachusetts, we can provide the services you need! Reach out to us today!

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