here is why you need maintenance for your business website

by | Sep 17, 2020 | Best Practices, Web Design, Website Maintenance

Here is Why You Need Maintenance for Your Business Website

A web developer’s job does not end after the construction and launching of a new website. A frequently-overlooked aspect of web design is maintenance; though websites are deceptively simple, even under the hood, they still need regular checkups to ensure efficiency. Here are a few reasons you should avail of web maintenance services.

Maintenance services keep your website secure

Modern websites are built on open-source systems like WordPress and Drupal. Though there are plenty of benefits to websites built from software like these, they also require a lot of maintenance. WordPress and its themes and plugins get regular updates and security patches because hackers routinely look for exploitable holes in website security.

A small business is just as vulnerable to a cyberattack as large corporations like Facebook and Twitter. Even if you don’t store sensitive data on your servers or accept credit card payments, small hackers can steal other things like your website traffic or your e-mail list. Regular maintenance prevents this from happening to your site.

Maintenance services make backups of your site

Nobody wants to experience a disaster, but these are unavoidable sometimes. Protecting your website does not just mean preventing hackers from accessing your data. It also means ensuring that your website does not experience downtime due to a local power outage or natural disasters.

When you sign up for a web maintenance service, you will be sure that you have an emergency fall back in case your site crashes because of a power failure, a cyberattack, a bug, or another incident.

Maintenance improves your site’s performance

Search engines and users both prefer fast-loading websites. If your site takes longer than three seconds to finish loading, it’ll cause your website to perform poorly in search engine rankings.

One reason why website loading speeds increase is because of outdated software. Developers write scripts that follow the modern standard for WordPress, PHP, and plugins; if you don’t update your site regularly, you lose out on these developments.

Maintenance improves your rankings

When your website loads quickly, it helps you improve your search engine rankings. Google and similar websites use ranking factors that account for various aspects of user experience. When you update your website, you keep to the expectations of search engines, which helps you stay relevant and maintain a high ranking in search results.

If your website is outdated, it might also accrue broken links, navigation, and dead pages. Other issues include missing images and software errors. These combine to create a poor user experience, which could result in your website becoming penalized and sliding down the rankings. When this happens, you might find it even more challenging to make a mark on search engines, and you might even need to create a new website and develop traffic from scratch.


Like houses, websites don’t clean themselves. A website owner must regularly monitor and remodel his site to keep up with modern developments. If not, it will result in the website’s performance declining, and the website would become less attractive to both humans and algorithms.

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