factors to know when aiming for a high google ranking using seo

by | Apr 22, 2021 | Best Practices, Content Creation, Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to maintaining an online presence, it’s important to remember that the digital world goes through constant updates and improvements regularly. If you’re aiming to acquire a high online ranking on search engines like Google, you have to keep up with the trends.

Google is known for modifying its algorithm now and then, giving websites a difficult time keeping up with the changes to ensure they maintain a stable ranking on search results. At present, there are over two hundred factors that can make or break your brand’s online ranking. To make things easier, you can reach out to a web design agency to guide you through them and discover how they can enhance your platform.

If you want your website and your web pages to appear on your target audience’s search results, you have to learn how to apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies right. Keep reading below to learn the essential factors to help your site get a high Google ranking.

Keywords You Use

The keywords you utilize on your website can determine how well your SEO methods work because it’s an integral part of optimizing your platform to appear on search results. It will require you to research and know the correct terms and phrases that your prospects use.

When you figure out the proper keywords and distribute them across your website, you improve your chances of gaining more traffic and, eventually, better leads. Making good use of the correct words helps you focus on the right audience that can lead to more conversions over time.

Content You Publish

Content serves as the bread and butter of your website because it’s the reason why users on the internet visit your channel in the first place. It involves the products or services you showcase, your blog posts and articles, and other information that offers value to your visitors.

You have to make sure that the information you share with your target audience is related to them in any way to guarantee you keep them interested in your business. Instead of focusing on generating numerous posts, it’s better to stick to only a few that offer high-quality results.

Quality of Your Titles

The titles of the blog posts, articles, and other sources of information that you share on your website should be appropriate. In addition, you have to keep an eye on their length to avoid giving your readers a hard time staying focused.

If you want to acquire organic leads, you have to keep your titles between fifty and sixty characters, so you know users can read the entire thing when coming from search engines. When you exceed the intended character limit, you can expect users to move on to the next results they see because they prefer something convenient.

Relevance of Your Headings

Besides your title tags, your headings are also crucial to achieving a high ranking on Google. You can utilize two headings, H1 and H2, to serve as the second title of your blogs and articles, which Google considers just as necessary.

If you aren’t sure how to go about your headings, it will help to reach out to an SEO agency for professional help. What ultimately matters is inserting relevant keywords not only on your blog content but also on your titles and headings.


When one of your main goals for your business’ website is to gain a high online ranking on Google, you have to put in the work and optimize your platform accordingly. Some important ways you can do that is by focusing on the keywords you use, content you publish, quality of your titles, and relevance of your headings. If you don’t know how to tackle SEO for your website, you can contact a branding agency to take over the work while you focus on your business operations.

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