debunking 3 common misconceptions about branding

by | Mar 4, 2021 | Best Practices, Branding, Content Creation, Digital Marketing

The world of marketing (or digital marketing) is a rather confusing place for any small business because of the different factors, strategies, and elements to consider.

From social media and website management to search engine advertising and keywords, the wide range of aspects to think about when delving into the world of digital marketing is indeed expansive. Among the different aspects that any start-up owner may find themselves being more confused with, the element of branding is one of the more mysterious ones, especially when you start dealing with its associated myths.

Debunking common myths about branding

As if dealing with the struggle of trying to describe your branding wasn’t already difficult enough, the associated myths of this valuable aspect of your company’s identity make things even harder than before. However, the chances are that you’re most likely prone to the risk of falling for such misconceptions since the same thing happens to many other small businesses.

Fortunately, you won’t have to mess up your approach to branding because we will debunk three of the most common myths around:

1. “A logo is the only component of branding”

Absolutely false!

Although most start-up owners correlate branding with logos and vice versa (since they’re the most distinguishable part of a company’s brand), the truth is that it’s far from the only component. You see, the term “branding” itself is symbolic of a much larger ecosystem of different elements that help customers recognize and remember your business much easier compared to other competitors.

To further illustrate how expansive a web of branding actually is, here are the various components that comprise it:

  • Tone
  • Colors
  • Attributable shapes
  • Characters
  • Taglines

2. “Branding doesn’t have any ROI”

In the past, traditionalists viewed branding as a “sunk cost” compared to other expenses that a business may incur because they weren’t the most familiar expense. Over time, however, this myth has been debunked constantly by different forward-thinking companies that have reaped the rewards of their hard work.

If you’re not exactly sure whether or not you’re guaranteed to get returns out of your branding investment, just think of companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Toyota. In fact, these companies are successful as they are today because of their branding. Although it would be difficult to directly calculate the returns you get from a branding expense because it doesn’t necessarily spell out the numbers, you can expect things to pick up once you follow the right approach!

3. “You can’t have good branding if you’re not talented enough”

Thanks to the advent of outsourced professionals and consultants, there’s no need to DIY one’s branding anymore without the necessary skills because an expert will always be a call away.

Even though not every start-up owner has the necessary skills to produce captivating and creative assets, it is very much possible to still have a profitable and successful branding effort by enlisting an expert’s services. With the help of 141 Creative, you can cultivate the potential of your business’s identity with top-quality work even though you don’t need to be hands-on!


Dealing with branding can be a bit of a complicated effort if you aren’t as accustomed to it as you should be, especially when you start dealing with common myths. Thankfully, you can stay mindful and avoid falling for misconceptions that will cause you to make costly mistakes or miss out on valuable opportunities by keeping this guide (and the key pointers above) in mind!

If you’re looking for a reliable branding agency in Massachusetts because you don’t have the necessary skills to improve your brand, our experts have got you covered. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services—we’re happy to help!

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