a business’s guide to graphic design – 3 rules to follow

by | Dec 2, 2020 | Best Practices, Branding, Graphic Design

The modern era has created a space for businesses to thrive, no matter the industry or niche. Unfortunately, the marketplace has now grown to be competitive, so much so that countless businesses vie for customer attention. For this reason, they turn to a multitude of marketing campaigns and promotions, done both online and offline.

One of the most compelling strategies includes the use of graphic design, which includes the creation of websites, logos, posts, mobile apps, and even brochures. The world’s most successful businesses understand how to use design to garner attention, as it can be powerful enough to leave lasting impressions to create loyal customers.

Although its power is undeniable, graphic design needs to be kept fresh, trendy, and updated. Keep in mind that customer preferences change constantly, meaning that designs and concepts also need to change accordingly. However, there are certain caveats to this rule, which is why we’ve gathered three foolproof rules you need to follow.

To help you ensure steady business growth, here’s a quick guide for you:

The Font Game: Stay consistent

Fonts play an important role in the design. A bad font can easily destroy a design, no matter how creative or eye-catching it might be. Your risk scaring away customers, especially since your fonts carry your messages. Your choice of fonts needs to be readable, as well as reflect your overall brand personality.

Ideally, brands choose a single font and showcase it across their materials. This helps add consistency to your promotional materials, as using a single font for all graphic materials can help customers recognize you. Although their fonts technically do not come with stringent rules, it’s best to stick to a maximum of two font designs only, should you wish to diversify your design plans.

The Book of Inspiration: Learn from successful businesses

When it comes to graphic design planning, it always pays to study the world’s most successful brands, such as Apple and Nike. They’re up the marketplace ladder for a reason—apart from their quality products, they’ve also learned to invest in great design. Make sure to study their iconic logo designs, as well as the fonts, colors, and layout designs they use.

You’ll find that all these convey their respective brand’s message, especially when it comes to the promise and value. As you create your business’s final design, keep in mind that creating meaning is your key to success. Looking good is just an additional layer. For the most successful brands, providing value to their customers is what continues to drive them forward—and that should be your goal, too.

The Art of Simplicity: Keeping it minimal

The rise of the minimalist trend has punctuated the concept of simplicity in more ways than one. Unfortunately, choosing simple has now become synonymous with plain, which is what continues to hurt countless businesses all over the world. In the world of design, simplicity is paramount, meaning that you need to stay away from superfluous elements. However, it’s far from investing in the plain and boring—on the contrary, your brand needs to be meaningful.

How can meaningful and simple be possible? Simple—avoid overbearing design ideas. Shift your attention to the messages you convey, the colors you choose, and the font you’ve adopted. Make sure to keep these elements present with every collateral and campaign you design! You’ll do away with sparkle, glam, and glitter—your power lies in your messages.

The Bottom Line

Businesses may find design time-consuming and utterly confusing, but your customers form opinions based on the visual elements you present. The only way to make your business stand out is through investing the time and effort to create an impressive design plan. In doing so, you allow your customers to recognize you no matter the platform, and recall your messages for a better sales journey.

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