5 reasons to have an established website for your business

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Best Practices, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Website Maintenance

For many small businesses and some old-school traditional businesses, using their hard-earned money to establish and maintain a business website is an added expense they can’t afford. What these business owners don’t understand, however, is that a website can add a wealth of opportunities to increase their gains.

Today, the majority of consumers live and thrive on the Internet. This is why establishing an online presence not only works as a digital advertisement but also proves your business’ legitimacy. Many customers today would do a quick Google-search first before considering your business, and this is where having an established website will give you an edge.

If that’s not enough to convince you, here are five more reasons to prove that establishing your business’ website can help it grow in no time:

1. It can provide a strong introduction

As stated above, your business website will be the first contact that possible customers will have with you. This is where having a well-developed front page will come in handy to introduce your business properly so that you can make a strong impression on your first-time visitors.

This lowers the need for prolonged meetings, expensive brochures, and endless phone calls. By setting up your website, you can give your business information easily and simply, without exerting an excessive amount of effort and time.

2. It places you on the board of a larger market

Your website will connect you to a larger and more diverse market to heighten your possibilities of making sales. Not only can you prove your legitimacy to those who search your business online, but also people who search using keywords related to your website may find their way into your page.

This is where having a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist work on your page comes into the picture. By utilizing certain SEO practices, your website will gain more traction and push your rankings up on Google. In turn, this pushes your chances of gaining more website traffic much higher.

3. It can handle your sales pitch without a salesperson

If written and designed well, your website can make sales for you without you needing to exert much personal effort. Making all the necessary FAQs easy to navigate through, visitors will easily find the information they need from your website, inevitably making it easier for them to decide on buying your product.

Having your web developers set up an automated purchase section, similar to e-commerce websites, is a fine touch for your website as well. This way, visitors have easy access to your products, giving them the convenience they won’t otherwise receive through other businesses.

4. It gives visitors a way to provide reviews or feedback

Having a website that allows for comments and feedback is a step to establishing your brand. Consumers look highly on businesses that listen to their wants and needs, and providing them with a way to offer feedback gives the impression of good customer service—as long as you resolve their issues. This can also actually backfire, as first-time visitors who scroll through the comments may see factors they dislike, dissuading them from partaking in your business.

5. It gives your customers something to return to

With a website, your customers can easily find you for other products and services or can return to easily find new releases from your business. This will help build your client base, as looking for new clients is not as easy nor as effective as utilizing former customers. Apart from this, customers who were previously on the fence about purchasing your goods or services can easily find you again to finally make the purchase.


Having an established business website has numerous benefits for your business. When utilized properly, it will reel in more sales, expand your market, and establish your brand. If you’re looking to build a website, contact a digital marketing expert to help attain the best results.

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