5 most common mistakes developers make in mobile app design

by | Aug 5, 2021 | App Design, Best Practices, Web Design

Developing a mobile app for businesses is always a way to leverage against competition. Most people do their transactions on mobile devices, so providing an application for your company becomes a power move for growth.

Since apps are becoming every consumer’s need, they expect it to be perfect regardless if it was newly launched or a long-existing platform. They are deleted quickly for many reasons, so it’s essential to make a great first impression. Otherwise, the app will end up being a massive loss for the company.

To help you better, here are some common mistakes made by developers in designing an app:

  1. Too Little Information

One of the functions of a mobile app is to inform customers about the company’s products, services, and other offerings. In a nutshell, it should be a concise source of information. But most developers forget that being concise doesn’t mean too little. The first mistake made is not adding the right amount of information to the application.

In effect, people fail to get the information they need and find other ways to get the information. In development, they uninstall the application and turn to a web browser for answers.

  1. Not Enough Images

Along with the popularity of online shopping, mobile apps are also designed as platforms where customers can order products from their preferred stores. The only difference is customers require more pictures for them to see the products even through their screens.

Since they are not physically present with the product, pictures fulfill the customers’ need for inspecting the product before purchasing it. If your app contains only one or two product photos, then it’s likely that your customers will not trust you and choose another provider where they feel safe.

  1. Lack of Direction

There are instances where developers overthink the application they are designing. In the end, the application turns out to be a platform with multiple functions. Although having more than one function is excellent, customers get easily confused when an app features too many things on the screen.

When designing an application, the best thing to focus on is the basics, at least where you should begin. Next, try to find other functions that might be helpful in the future. If not, wait for customer feedback and try to incorporate what they need in the next update.

  1. No Call-to-Action Button

Applications may lead customers to buy or subscribe to what your company offers. Sometimes, customers still need cues to signal them into getting a deal. Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons are usually placed below products, signaling customers to do whatever action is written on them.

CTA buttons push customers to do what they first intended to finish in the app to purchase something. Although it seems like a minor concern, it can potentially have a significant impact on sales follow-through. Utilize the call to action buttons carefully for better lead conversion.

  1. Obligatory Sign-Up

Sometimes, people still window shop, even online. What bothers them most is the obligatory sign-up feature in mobile apps that require them to memorize a new set of usernames and passwords that they’ll eventually forget about later on.

Instead of forcing a customer to sign up, offer a guest checkout option. It saves both the customer’s and developer’s time to work on other things in the application.


It’s easy to mess up mobile applications. The more you try improving it, the more it becomes the worst experience for customers. As a developer, it’s essential to put yourself in the customer’s shoes to understand better where they struggle. In this way, you’ll design a better app that provides an excellent user experience for everyone.

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