5 important tips in practicing effective brand consistency

by | Sep 1, 2021 | Best Practices, Branding, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design

Brand consistency is a valuable technique that allows companies to align themselves with their identity, visions, goals, and values in the business industry. It also helps target consumers in distinguishing a particular business from its competitors.

In a more straightforward sense, it is a method wherein businesses associate themselves with different elements that can make their customers remember them better. Hence, it is considered as one of the essential components of branding.

While the concept behind brand consistency is relatively simple, it isn’t that easy to continuously apply and practice it within the industry. So to extend a helping hand in guiding you towards conformity in your branding efforts, here are five clever tips for brand consistency.

1. Maximize Use of Your Logo

Recent studies show that it takes up to five to seven impressions for people to remember or recognize a brand. Correspondingly, your logo is an effective tool in imprinting your brand in the minds of consumers. Thus, it would be helpful to have your logo plastered on things associated with your business.

Nonetheless, do note that there’s no need to smother just about anything with your logo. It is still essential to practice a bit of moderation. Instead of mindlessly placing it everywhere, it’s better to position it where it will garner more attention.

2. Stick To Your Color Palette

Statistical data states that color improves brand recognition by up to 80 percent. Hence, you must be a bit more strategic in developing a set color palette for your brand. In this way, you will have an easier time incorporating these colors into all your marketing initiatives.

Once you already have a set palette, make sure to stick by it no matter what. The idea is to take advantage of color psychology in advertising techniques, so consumers will remember your brand when they see colors associated with your company.

3. Add Some Personal Touch

A consumer behavior study suggests that 94 percent of consumers are likely to trust a brand that offers complete transparency. Similarly, at least 89 percent of shoppers remain loyal to brands that share their values. Thus, it would be beneficial to add a personal touch to your branding efforts by showing customers what your company is all about.

Furthermore, sharing your history, vision, and goals can prevent you from losing track of what you are working hard to achieve. Ultimately, this method can help you implement consistency in the long run.

4. Create a Brand Guideline

Statistics show that 95 percent of companies have formal brand guidelines to establish brand consistency across different platforms. In a way, these parameters serve as a model to help them be more straightforward in using a particular tone and palette.

Additionally, creating a guideline can also mitigate the risk of errors in what voice and colors to use for all marketing assets. Through this, you’re less likely to confuse the masses on what you represent as a brand.

5. Consult a Branding Expert

Research suggests that most companies often make mistakes in building brand consistency due to a lack of planning. Likewise, they fail to establish uniformity across different platforms because of inadequate knowledge of setting the same voice, palette, and identity.

With that said, there’s no shame in consulting a reliable branding agency to discuss how you can effectively implement conformity in branding if you have no idea what to do. After all, it’s better to seek professional help instead of wasting money on initiatives that will not yield the results you want.


Brand consistency is an integral part of branding. Without it, it will be harder to foster consumer trust and loyalty, as it symbolizes your commitment to your values and identity as a brand. Thus, it only fits that you keep these tips in mind and pay more attention to how you present your company across multiple platforms.

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