3 tips for brand image buildup for startups

by | May 1, 2020 | Best Practices, Branding, Digital Marketing

Branding plays a massive role in the success of startups. Because of that, startups should focus on establishing a positive impression on their brand image. Failing to do so will make it difficult to see the growth you want your company to achieve. Your startup will perform miraculous wonders if you successfully manage to deliver your brand story to your audience.

There are many aspects of branding that business owners need to consider—positioning, logos, product quality, visual appeal, verbal identity, packaging, and reasonable pricing. With all of the mentioned factors, it can get overwhelming. Here are three tips for brand image building to help you start your branding campaigns.

1) Pay attention to your brand strategy

One of the most critical mistakes most startups do is neglect their branding for the sake of cost reduction. However, that is often counterintuitive and sometimes does more harm than good for the business.

Investing time and money on branding is not a lost cause. Take a look at some of the most iconic companies today. When you see their logo, you instantly know their products and what their company is all about. If you fail to pay attention to your brand strategy, the chances are high that your target market will not even know who you are.

Brand recognition is what you are after here. The ultimate goal is that when consumers see your name and logo, no matter how small or no matter where they see it, they will know you by heart. Investing in your brand strategy will help you to achieve that level of success.

2) Tell your brand story with depth 

Creating and manufacturing a product that the crowd will love is only the beginning of a successful startup. The real fight starts when you have to establish your business as the best choice among your sea of competition. Because of that, you must connect with your consumers better than your rivals.

In this scenario, telling your brand’s story will help. However, you must remember that you must create a compelling story to differentiate yourself from others. Otherwise, your target market will see you as “another” option instead of being “the only option” in their eyes. 

To create a brand story with depth, look at what connects your brand with your audience. If you find that, you can infuse your feelings and emotions to your business. In doing so, your brand story will have more depth and deliver a more potent blow to your market’s hearts.

3) Partner with an experienced agency 

Startups often don’t have the expertise and knowledge to grow their business using branding. In that case, it is best to consult with a branding agency experienced in helping other companies improve their businesses to success.


Establishing a brand image is hard, especially if business owners venture into a business without prior knowledge and experience regarding branding. Partnering with a branding company might be the best and safest option for these startups to ensure that your brand story gets delivered to your audience effectively.

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