3 reasons to invest in your small business’s local seo strategy – what to know

by | Mar 5, 2020 | Best Practices, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

For most small business owners in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, the topic of digital marketing is one that is best avoided because of all the associated costs it comes with, especially when it comes to local Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Thanks to the erroneous notion that digital marketing always has a high price tag, many fear that local SEO is a luxury only big businesses can afford. The truth, however, is that even small businesses now need local SEO to succeed more than ever.

Why startups need local SEO services

Regardless of whether you’re a mom-and-pop store that sells lobster rolls in Massachusetts or a startup in Providence that’s looking to change the world, local SEO services can indeed help you meet your goals. To better understand why local SEO is a tool that your small business should invest in, let’s look at three key reasons to do so:

1. It can help improve your website’s ranking by a significant margin

Investing in a local SEO strategy guarantees that your website will get a much-needed boost in its overall ranking across various applicable search terms.

By taking the time to invest in your website’s local SEO strategy, you can lock down your chances of attracting more visitors and garnering more conversions by displaying your website to those who need it. As opposed to more general SEO strategies that mostly apply to sites that have an international presence, local SEO strategies are geared to funnel more click-throughs and website traffic by targeting users in your locality.

Once your website visits and click-through rates start to blow right through the roof, your site’s search engine ranking is set to follow suit and increase afterward.

2. It is a solid strategy for building a reputable online presence

Another key benefit of investing in your small business’s local SEO strategy is the enhancement in its online presence, which will lead to higher sales and greater brand retention.

As more and more consumers grow dependent on the web to help with their purchasing decisions, having your site rank in the right terms will always keep your business in a desirable light. After you start rolling out your local SEO strategy, your website and brand name will begin popping up in even more search results and prompt potential customers to head over directly to your page!

3. It provides more chances for success

One of the most important benefits that your small business is bound to enjoy with a solid local SEO strategy is that you’ll be primed to take in more clients and connections. Furthermore, you can put your business on the map and give clients even more reasons to check out your products and services, which will lead to more physical visits and conversions in the long run!


Taking the initiative to invest in your small business’s own local SEO strategy will always prove to be a wise decision that’s bound to provide favorable results for you. If you’re looking to improve your local SEO strategy (or web design, graphic design, branding, or video marketing) in Massachusetts but don’t have the necessary skills to make it happen, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

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