3 maintenance tips to keep your website in good condition

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Best Practices, Website Maintenance

While a website is a digital asset, you should treat it much like how you would treat your favorite car. You give your car the loving care it needs to stay in tip-top shape, and the same can be said about your website. Over time, your website is going to slow down and fall into disarray, not to mention fall out of date. Your job is to maintain it well to ensure everything is well oiled and performing as expected, maximizing the results you get from keeping your website hosted and running.

With that being said, here are some vital website maintenance tips you need to know to keep your website in the best shape possible.

1. Run Backups

Every quarter, you should run a backup for your website. During a catastrophic event, the last thing you want to deal with is trying to salvage your website without a backup. This can put your business to a halt for months, and all that hard work in creating the best website ever will go to waste.

To ensure this isn’t a nightmare you may face, it is vital to work with a hosting company that offers backup services for you, at least every quarter. If you are hosting the website by yourself, look for plugins to help you do so.

2. Check Security

Every month, you should perform a security check on your website. During this time, your job is to spot any areas of the website lacking in security and carry out activities like updates, bug fixes, and patches to address security concerns. Failure to do so will only leave your website vulnerable to attacks which, as a result, can also put your business on the line.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to wait a month to carry out any updates. You can update your website as soon as the updates come out. However, a month is the longest you should wait, and it will serve as a reminder for you to look at all the available updates you can install on your website.

3. Test the Speed

Although snappy and quick at first, your website can get bogged down after some time. This can happen for two reasons. First, it can be that, on the hardware side, the hardware used to run the server is getting old. If that’s not the case, then it would be the second reason: what you are uploading into your website. As you grow your website, you’re adding more content that requires more resources to run. This can slow down your website significantly.

To ensure your website doesn’t suffer by being too slow, you need to check your website’s speed monthly. If you find it too slow, you should either upgrade the hardware that’s hosting your website or clean up the website to keep things speedy!


There are a few other things you can do to keep your website maintained, like checking for broken links, updating your copyright notices, and reviewing the site analytics. Regardless, carrying out all these tasks often will help ensure that any hidden problems in your website are dealt with quickly. This helps keep your website in the best condition possible, providing your visitors with an excellent user experience, your website with a high rank, and your business with plenty of opportunities to grow!

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