3 important strategies for speeding up your website

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Best Practices, Website Maintenance

No one wants to spend time on a slow website. People have more exacting demands nowadays, an attribute that has been developed over the years by rapidly improving technology. Somewhere along the line, businesses learned to capitalize on the digital age through digital marketing.

If you are an entrepreneur hoping to utilize the internet to your advantage, one of the most efficient ways of doing this is by creating your own website. In fact, it is no longer optional for a business to have one; it is a necessity in the digital age—and the only way a business can grow in a world growing more and more dependent on the internet.

However, simply having one is no guarantee that you will immediately garner more sales, as customers must love your website. A slow website will decrease your chances of gaining support, which is why you should note the following strategies to speed up your page.

  1. Use Compact Codes.

This may be a bit technical, but basically, all websites on the internet are made of code. Depending on the type of codes used, they may either be fast and fully functional or a slow, jumbled mess. Compact codes are very helpful in the sense that your website will not have a hard time displaying the elements in the website because of their simplicity. Longer codes may require the platform to process more information, slowing the website down.

2. Reduce Your Graphics

You don’t need to remove all the graphics and media on your website. Instead, you should moderate the amount so your page can load more quickly. High-resolution mages and long videos may slow your web page down. The proper placement is the key, so put a couple of low-resolution images in spots that can hide their low quality, and use larger, high-resolution images only where they matter.

You will also need to shorten your video clips, converting them to 15 to 30 seconds, depending on the type of information you are trying to convey to the target audience.

3. Decrease Website Redirects

While redirecting your customers towards other sections of your website may be a good idea, do not overdo it. Too many redirects tend to slow down the overall process of your website, adding more load to it and limiting your customer’s access in the long run. Limit your redirects to two or three to ensure a good web page speed.

In Conclusion

Promoting your business through your website may seem like a guaranteed way of earning sales and customers upfront, but remember that the web page itself should be optimized to give your target audience a good time when they visit and explore. Using compact codes, regulating your graphics, and decreasing your redirects may speed it up and make it more efficient. You can also update it from time to time to ensure that its contents remain fresh without sacrificing their quality.

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